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Eshaan Vakil


Eshaan is a junior at Harvard College studying environmental policy and computer science. He began training in Shotokan Karate as a freshman.

Jane Josefowicz


Jamie is a Sophomore at Harvard College studying mechanical engineering and economics. He has trained for 9 years in Shaolin Kempo Karate.

Darwin Jurado


Our instructor for the last 8 years is Darwin Jurado who is also part of the JKA-Club of UConn, ISKF, JKA in Ecuador, Machida Karate and Preciado’s Shotokan. He is a fourth dan black Belt in Shotokan as well as Judo. He started his journey in Karate-Do in his home country Ecuador almost 30 years ago, and has competed for the national team. 

With a Sports Training and Management educational background,  Darwin uses the biomechanics and physiology of the human body to improve karate techniques. He has experience working with diverse groups of people with different levels of knowledge with Karate do.

Vazrik Chiloyan


Vazrik Chiloyan has studied Shotokan Karate for 13 years, and has been teaching for 10 years. He has experience teaching at many colleges in the Boston area, namely MIT, Harvard, BU, Wellesley, Tufts, and Lesley Universities. He loves to apply a mathematical approach to structuring and teaching the beautiful art of Shotokan Karate to students. 

Vazrik has a Sandan from the JKA, a Nidan from the ISKF, and a Nidan from Tabata Sensei. He believes Karate has an amazing ability to connect people, and he has helped create bridges between Karate students in the US, UK, Japan, and South America. He believes in using Karate instruction as a means to help develop the values of leadership, resilience, and altruism in his students.

Leadership: Team Members
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